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The Analysis of Dale Carnegie

Everyone living in this world have their own need. Some person striving for power, some strive for money, some other strive for intimacy relationship. Alfred Adler once said, every one of us strive for superiority in our life. Most of us ever heard about Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was a famous writer, lecturer, which sophisticated in self-improvement, public speaking, interpersonal and communication skill. Dale Carnegie was born in Maryville, Missouri, second child of James William Carnagey. (Wikipedia, 2012). Carnegie is a hardworking person. He needs to get up at every morning, to milk his parents’ cows when he was young teen. Carnegie attended the local State Teachers College in Warrensburg, after graduating from high school in 1906. This is not easy for him, he riding on horseback from home to school just because his family unable to afford the accommodation fee which cost $1 per day. Even though he was born in a poor family, but it never stop him to strive for his dream, a Ch…
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Sometime we wonder why we doing this, and why we doing that, what is the reason to motivated our behaviour. Motivation is literally the desire to do thing, it explain why people doing the thing they want to do. Therefore we may say motivation is the process that elicits, control, and sustains certain behaviours. (Wikipedia, 2010)
Internal Motives defines as the sources of motivation from a person, which included the needs, cognitive and emotion. Needs are the conditions within the individual that are essential and necessary for the maintenance of life and for the nurturance of growth and well-being. There are 3 types of human needs in motivation, which is the physiological needs, psychological needs and social needs.

Anxiety Disorder

In our lifetime, we may have facing some psychological issue of anxiety or fear. Student may feel fear or anxiety for the coming exam. Woman may feel fear of rat or cockroach. Do remember what is the feeling before the time we are going to have speaking or do presentation in front of public? Most of us will feel fear of public speaking on stage.  I had a bad experience of an accident, which caused me afraid to ride on motorcycle after the incident. When we experience fear and anxiety, our breathing frequency will increase, the muscular will tension and perspiration. Fight or flight is one of the spontaneous responses to the treat.
Approximately 25% to 30% of the population affected from the anxiety disorder. Women are more likely to developed panic disorder, and most of them develop during early adulthood. Most of them also suffer from depression as a result of severe symptoms and continuing fear and apprehension.Researches shown most of  the patient have biases or abnormalities in the…

Sigmund Freud's idea of anxiety

The psychoanalytic perspective of anxiety disorder
Sigmund Freud's ideas is, we are born with aggressive and sexual instinct, and Freud suggested the structure of personality included the Id, Ego, and Superego. Human personality emerges due to the conflict between our aggressive and pleasure seeking biological impulses (represented by the id) and the internalized social restraints (which represented by the superego) to against the impulses.
Psychoanalytic theory emphasized the childhood experience may influence our unconscious. Sigmund Freud believed that all children experience some degree of anxiety as part of growing up, and all use ego defense mechanism to help control such anxiety. 
Freud believed, we feel anxiety is because the threaten come from one or more object or situation, may cause us external danger or expected injury, and today, we call this kind of fear is Phobia. For example some people afraid of sneak, they will feel anxiety when see sneak is around them.

The analysis of Adolf Hitler's personality

Everyone living in this world is different, every one of us have our own unique personality and characters. That’s how we differentiate ourselve from others. Some persons are smart, some are not, some persons are optimistic, and some persons are pessimistic.  Hundred years ago, psychologist and scientist started to do research and study human’s personality, how human are behave the way that different from others.
From hundred years until the contemporary psychology, there are diversity perspectives of psychology to developed personality theory respectively, for example Psychoanalysis theory, Behaviorism theory, Humanistic theory, and etc. 
Here, i would like to analysis the personality of one of the famous person in the world, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is one of the notable person that have a very unique personality. Adolf Hitler is apolitician and the leader of the Nazi Party, also chancellor of Germany, people always comment that he is a person who cruel, inhuman, andinsatiable gre…

Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

What’s the different between psychiatrist and psychologist? The main different between the two is A psychiatrist may also perform psychotherapy; but, in addition, can prescribe medications and perform ETC. Psychologist primarily aids the depressed patient by counseling and psychotherapy.

About Psychology

Here, will discuss all about psychology and how we apply psychology in our daily life. what is psychology? Psychology is a systematic study of human behavior and human mind.